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TUBES AND STEMS carries an extensive inventory of tires, wheels, tubes and stems in a variety of sizes for most vehicles. If you don't see what you need, give us a call at (888) 830-5375 and we will help you locate exactly what you are needing.



TR13 TR15 TR220A TR218A TR78A






M-14/15 Bias Passenger / Farm TR13 $10.00
12R-16.5 Radial Truck TR15 $25.00
900R-20 Radial Truck & Bus TR78A $23.00
1000R-20 Radial Truck & Bus TR78A $27.00
13/1400-24 OTR Bias TR220A $50.00
11L/12.5L-15/16 Implement TR15 $18.00
550/650-16 Implement TR15 $12.00
10/1100-15/16 Implement TR218A $20.00
400-19 Implement TR15 $12.00
410/350-4 Industrial Bias TR13 $8.00
11x400-5 Industrial Bias TR87 $9.00
410/350-5 Industrial Bias TR87 $9.00
410/350-5 Industrial Bias TR13 $9.00
13x500-6 Industrial Bias TR13 $9.00
15x600-6 Industrial Bias TR13 $12.00
480/400-8 Industrial Bias TR13 $10.00
16x650/750-8 Industrial Bias TR13 $11.00
18x850/950-8 Industrial Bias TR13 $12.00
20x8/10x8 Industrial Bias TR13 $13.00
600/690-9 Industrial Bias JS2 $17.00
20x8-10 Industrial Bias TR13 $20.00
700-12 Industrial Bias TR75 $16.00
23x8.5/9.5/10.5-12 Industrial Bias TR13 $17.00
11.2/12.4-24 Tractor Bias TR218A $25.00
16.9/18.4R-26/28 Tractor Radial TR218A $55.00
13.6/14.9R-28/30 Tractor Radial TR218A $40.00
16.9/18.4R-30 Tractor Radial TR218A $60.00
14.9R-34 Tractor Radial TR218A $65.00
16.9/18.4R-38 Tractor Radial TR218A $75.00
20.8R-38 Tractor Radial TR218A $75.00
18.4/20.8R-42 Tractor Radial TR218A $88.00
16.9/18.4R-46 Tractor Radial TR218A $130.00


If you don't see the tube size you are looking for, call at 888-830-5375. We carry a large inventory of tubes, tires and wheels. Prices subject to change without notice.


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For shipping rates, please call (888-830-5375), fax (806-637-3540) with quantity, size, description and shipping address. Or just email us.